Los Angeles based freelance journalist Judith A. Stock writes for national consumer magazines and websites. She specializes in design, green building, energy-efficiency, healthy remodels, innovative architecture and dog and cats. Her writing expertise also includes articles on the environment, business, careers, human resources, preservation and health.

Some of the articles she’s tackled include eco-friendly hotels, cooking-class dinner parties, green travel initiatives, how-to grow antique apples, riding in cars with dogs, the benefits of checking into a monastery, what it takes to restore the gardens on Alcatraz and an historic and politically controversial 1930s outdoor mural in downtown Los Angeles.

Writing her “Living Green, Living Well” blog, she enjoys the search for ground breaking environmental news, especially on the topics of food policy, air quality, healthy living, and animal protection.

Before becoming a full-time freelancer, she worked in the travel and hospitality industry creating marketing collateral, planned and developed fund raising materials for a non-profit organization benefiting adults with traumatic brain injury, and designed, laid out, and wrote content for newsletters focused on business clients.

Growing up in Birmingham, Michigan, Judy moved to Los Angeles where she now shares her home with Holly, a very vocal chocolate Labrador, and a puppy named Zoey, who is also a chocolate Labrador, who puts everything in her mouth and Mr. Kitty, an orange tabby, who is obsessed with his stuffed chartreuse mouse. and paper. Any paper. Hey, he’s a cat.